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Fraser's September GAMSAT Masterclass

The Fraser’s GAMSAT Masterclass - How to Navigate the September GAMSAT

  • High Level Overview of the GAMSAT: Understanding Psychometrics so you approach it properly

  • How to study effectively for September - Balancing Uni and the GAMSAT

  • Section 1: Common Approaches to Questions and How to Make Yourself a Consistent 60+ Student

  • Section 2: Ideation and How to Make Your Essay Stand Out

  • Section 3: Science or Strategy... Por cano los dos?

  • Reflections on the March 2019 GAMSAT

  • Free consult with our tutors with additional online resources

Have you been to a Free GAMSAT "tutorial" or "webinar" ?
Did they promised to give you all the information you needed to know but....

It just turned out to be an overview of the programs and services? A one hour “pitch” because that’s all they wanted to “give you”.
You realised it was a marketing tool and you were going to waste your time learning nothing for free.

At Fraser's we do things differently.
We run a Masterclass well in advance of the GAMSAT, so you can get an overview of everything that lies ahead of you. This is about planning for the unplannable and getting real insights and skills that you wouldn't normally be able to use.

We spend time teaching you, dispensing our knowledge, not Marketing!
We'll overview each section - with a bit of theory and a heap of questions. We’ll also do a review of the most recent GAMSAT - a true reflection on what recently went down so we can look for opportunities to be ready in the future.

Finally, we look at the equation that is the September exam - identical to March from a currency perspective, but harder to study for if you’re in the southern hemisphere. We’ll break down how you can maximise your time, and make the juggling act of study and GAMSAT seem more bearable.

Throw in a bit of strategy and you've got a jam packed evening that will offer you a great starting point to whatever mode of preparation you decide to follow for the upcoming exam.

It’s a lot of for one evening but that's why we called it a Masterclass!

The Masterclass is normally a paid event but we're now offering this for free thanks to UWA Science Union. So ensure to thank them and support these types of initiatives which benefit you all.

Places are limited so sign-up now.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

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