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PROSH Goes Pop-Punk

The PROSH parade may be gone but the black parade lives on

Dust off your skinny jeans, layer on your eyeliner and start growing out that fringe because PROSH is going pop-punk.

PROSH and pop-punk go hand in hand. Like our favourite artists; PROSH has been pumping out the collective angst of UWA and forcing everyone around us to acknowledge it since 1933. That is LITERALLY the most pop-punk thing EVER.

Last year we made PROSH great again; this year we're proving that's not just a phase*. Join the MCRmy as we take on Perth xD

We want to PROSH with you. If you want to PROSH with us then message the facebook page and we can give you all the juicy details ♥

*Take that mum

Earlier Event: February 28
Later Event: March 24