Founded in 1924, the Science Union is the 2nd oldest Faculty society at UWA and represents all students studying any form of science degree. We strive to offer students quality opportunities in both social and educational contexts and we are committed to student representation, improving student engagement at UWA and increasing the vibrancy of life on campus.

The quality of education for science students is of the utmost importance to the Science Union. By representing students to both the Faculty of Science and the UWA Student Guild, we ensure that students' rights are upheld, quality education is provided and student feedback is heard. Furthermore, the Science Union hosts various career focused events throughout the year. These include our annual careers expo, school specific careers talks and more.

With a renowned social calendar, the Science Union hosts a plethora of events throughout the year which allow students to network with their peers, gain a sense of belonging in their degrees and, most importantly, have a great time! A full list of the events Science Union plans on running in 2019 can be found on our upcoming events page.

The Science Union is run by students for students. Any feedback, suggestions or participation from students are welcome!


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